Economy Exterminators needed to drive quality traffic to their website

Improved click-through-rate (CTR) +262.77%, conversion rate (conv. rate) +1168.42%, and cost per conversion -60.74%

Economy Exterminators is a family-owned pest control company that has been in operation for over 40 years. Established since 1976, the company has grown to be a leader in the pest control industry—especially with respect to providing environmentally responsible solutions that offer immediate, effective results. Awarded for their positive reputation, their provision of excellent customer service, and acknowledged for both their commitment to ethical conduct and environmental safety, the company has grown to expand their operations across three North Carolina market areas, eventually partnering with Hive Digital to help improve their customer acquisition efforts and gain actionable business intelligence.

Goals of the Engagement

  • Increase qualified leads for products and services offered.
  • Acquire business intelligence.
  • Generate revenue.

The Approach

  • Perform an audit of the existing ad account, reviewing current and historical data.
  • Implement Paid Advertising best practices and recommendations for ad account and associated landing pages.
  • Restructure the ad account for greater flexibility in management and for improved business intelligence—designed with special considerations for multiple business locations and market areas.
  • Expand keyword portfolio for improved online visibility.
  • Manage budget and initiatives based on data-driven insights and performance.


  • Improved click-through-rate (CTR) +262.77%.

To assist with the increase in qualified leads, Hive Digital implemented initiatives to expand the keyword portfolio and improve the quality of ads, ensuring they were more relevant to users’ intent. Additional steps involved implementing an ad copy test strategy that helped improve consumer engagement with ads. These tests involved exploring ad variations in messaging, formats, etc.

  • Improved conversion rate (conv. rate) +1168.42%

To increase qualified leads, Hive Digital ensured that the newly implemented ads (designed to be more relevant to users and encourage stronger engagement) also better met users’ onsite expectations. Leveraging conversion rate optimization (CRO) best practices, improved business intelligence, and the Hive Digital team’s collective experience, Economy Exterminators saw improvements in conversion rate, conversion volume, and other onsite engagement metrics (e.g. bounce rate, pages per session, and average session duration).

  • Improved cost per conversion -60.74%.

To encourage greater profits from revenue generated by ads, Hive Digital also worked to reduce cost per conversion values. Steps taken to achieve this involved the interpretation of collected data to create actionable insights—insights that helped to better manage bids, the distribution of budget across advertising initiatives, and to navigate both the competitive landscape and areas of opportunity.